50 True Stories Of People Who Escaped A Murderer By Dumb Luck

50 True Stories Of People Who Escaped A Murderer By Dumb Luck


My husband and I live above our place of business. Out alarm company called us at 3AM to say there was a motion detect alert, just one, in a weird place. We assumed it was a mouse but went to reset/check it out.

Husband ended up face to face with a burglar who was on his way out the window he had broken. He ran back inside, I called 911 and we heard mad chaos going on in the depths of the building. So much crashing and smashing.

Burglar monkey climbed a 10′ iron gate, bodily smashed through two sets of commercial grade glass doors and was outside again. My husband was like yeah FUCK this dude, tore after him and tackled him. He got him on the ground and pinned him.

Bear in mind the whole time I’m narrating to 911, and chasing around in panties and tank top. I was a bit behind my husband, in the middle of the street about 15′ away when a minivan squealed around the corner.

It was his GF/getaway driver. I luckily missed it- I was super focused on reading the license plate which was one of those cutesy font out of state ones and therefore hard to read but she yelled “Get the fuck off him or I’m running your bitch over.”

Then she tried to. The audio and video I had to watch for the trial was horrifying. I had blocked it out nearly completely, and really didn’t remember how close it was. She guns the engine at me, I throw my hands up in front of my face when I realize what she’s doing and scream, and jump out of the way with inches to spare.

He jumped in and off they went. He bled all over my husband (YIKES) and eventually the DNA and the partial plate info nailed them. They’re both in prison. Addendum, trials SUCK.


My dad was a meth addict. He did lots of fucked up things – dropping me off at trap houses to have “sleepovers” with other “coke babies”, living in a house full of animal shit and hoarding. He sicked his pitbull on a black child. He was a real fucking character.

One night he came looking for my mom and I at our place. Mom wasn’t there. Grandma was babysitting me. I was sleeping in bed when somebody started to try and open my window. It was locked, but they kept jamming something into the bottom to try and force it open. At the same time, I heard the living room door being tried by somebody else. My grandma snuck into my room in her nightgown, apparently woken up by the same thing, and told me say NOTHING. Don’t even whisper. We laid under my bed while a group of men shouted for my mom to come out, slammed their hands on the windows to try and break them, and jumped on my grandma’s car.

She called the police and barely whispered into the phone. Eventually the cops arrived and the men scattered. Long story short, my dad and his other methhead friends came to the house with guns and knives with every intention to kill me and my mother because she was going to get custody of me. If my mom wasn’t so vigilant with locks (we had three different kinds on the front and back doors), we would have died.


My sister had this one friend when we were growing up I always got a bad vibe from. She would try to pick on my little brother but I would always stop her. I was 8, she was 10. Once we were at a lake and all the kids were swimming. I swam out to the deep roped off part but I was still little and really shouldn’t have. She kept acting weird and getting closer to me making this weird laugh. She pushed me off the wooden pole in the water and I got scared and started to swim back but she came up behind me and pushed me under the water. It didn’t click at first that she was trying to drown me but after she aggressively pushed me under the 3rd time I had this crazy moment of clarity. It was like the world slowed down ever so briefly. I relaxed and let myself sink, swam underneath her, and came up behind her. I grabbed her hair and shoved her face into the water, keeping my legs on her back so her body couldn’t rise. I waited until her struggling slowed down and let her come up. I waited in the water saying nothing, bracing myself for her retaliation but she just looked panicked and swam back to shore.

I told my sister who had already expressed that the girl was weird. We confronted her together and she just looked really dazed. In a monotone voice she said “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be like that.”

It wasn’t until I replayed those words in my mind later that I realized what she was saying was ‘Sorry I tried to drown you, it wasn’t until I was almost drowned myself that I realized how horrible it is to do to someone.’


I was out with a few friends, and with us was a girl that had just broken up with a psychopath (we didn’t know he was a psychopath, we found out that night). We were just walking back home from a restaurant, it was about 1 AM, and the guy came running out of nowhere, I don’t know how he knew where and when to meet us. He ran to the girl, lifted her shirt up and stabbed her in the gut, literally splitting her belly open like a fish, and then ran off. This whole thing happened really quickly, so we were all in shock. The girl was holding her own intestines in her hands and she was so shocked that she didn’t even seem scared, wasn’t screaming or anything. She just stood there. We called an ambulance and they managed to somehow put everything back and sew her up. This happened about 3 years ago and she still has pretty serious problems with her digestive tract, can’t eat certain things and that kind of stuff. That image of her just standing in the middle of the pathway holding her own guts will remain stuck in my head forever. The guy got 13 years in jail btw.

Edit: Now that I think about it, a big part of why they broke up was his constant abuse towards her weight. She wasn’t even fat, just a bit on the chubby side, I wouldn’t even call that overweight, but he would always tell her that she had a big gut. That was almost an obsession for him. So maybe the fact that he stabbed her in the abdomen is a symbolic action of some sort. I don’t know what was in that fuckhead’s brain and I honestly don’t even want to know.


I’m grew up in a poor country in South America and in the city I lived in we had a lot of slums. Think of a stereotypical slum somewhere in Brazil or Colombia, and that’s what we had. I am from a middle class family so we grew up mostly away from the dangerous areas, but every once in a while our worlds would intersect.

One such instance was during a school trip to a part of the slum that was fighting back against the gangs by trying to create jobs and keep their streets clean from drugs. We went there to study this phenomenon and to help paint some of the houses of the locals as part of a community service initiative.

Everything was trouble free until one of the gangs decided that this was the day when they would march into this part of the slum and reassert their dominance. Like 10 mean looking dudes just went straight up to the house of the local community leader to give him a chance to change his ways. This apparently pissed a lot of the locals off who gathered around the house and started getting very agitated. They weren’t as well armed as the gangsters, but there were probably 200-300 angry people with machetes, pipes, some guns, just getting angrier and angrier. Eventually the gangsters caved in and agreed to leave, but the crowd was out for blood and they pounced on them and beat the shit out of them and dragged them through the streets.

To answer the question of how we escaped a murder attempt. The crowd at this point was running high on emotions and adrenaline and like a collective hive mind they decided that our arrival was probably what prompted the gangsters to come to their slum in the first place, so they wanted to teach us a lesson to never interfere in their business again. Our teacher panickingly stuffed us all into the small school bus and drove off as people were coming at us and waving their machetes menacingly in the air.

I’ve read about the phenomenon of “crowd mentality” before but largely dismissed it. On that day I experienced it and it was the single most dangerous and scary thing i’ve ever seen. Here were a bunch of largely peaceful people who just wanted to do an honest day’s work and not get caught up in gang bullshit, suddenly turning into violent zombies who wanted to chop my head off.



I had a guy high on both meth and acid break into my apartement in college. Somehow he was convinced he lost his glasses inside. Im doing dishes when my door gets slammed open. Next thing I know he is behind me im being choked to death in my kitchen.

As I was loosing consciousness I grabbed my roomates acrylic bong and frantically swung over my shoulder into his face. The bong broke but did nothing as the guy was choking me even harder. So I swung it again. Because the bong broke the first time I was hitting the guy with a 6 inch claw of acrylic glass.

Afterward his scalp and part of his cheek were hanging off the side of his face. Essentially I scalped him with a bong.

So I chase the guy out of my house. There is easily 2 feet of snow outside. He tries walking back to his house through a cemetary as a shortcut (Seriously 😂). And he passes out in the cemetary. The police only found him because I called the cops and they followed the blood and footprints through the snow.

And thats the part I was supprised about the most. I hit the guy on his scalp. There isnt much blood in a scalp compared to most the body. But my kitchen was covered in blood. His blood was on my refridgerator, counter, floor and celing… it was almost as traumatic to clean it. My roomates were gone for winter break. Thank god my roomates girlfriend came over and helped me.

Now as for the guy. The cops couldnt charge him for 2 days because he needed blood transfusions. He was charged with assault, breaking and entering and attempted murder. Not sure what he got convicted of but he went to jail for 4 years.


When I was two weeks into my first job as a 16 year old (at a smoothie establishment that should be known to NBA fans), we were robbed. It was late, and my coworker’s friends had been playing pranks on her all day, so when I saw someone burst through the door, i thought it was just that. Until, that is, i had something metal pressed against my back and an arm wrapped around my chest. The robber gave the whole stereotypical “give me all the money” spiel, and ordered us to go into the back room, kneel down, and face the wall. As I was kneeling and hearing him walking towards us, time seemed to slow down. Thankfully, I had been refilling juices whenever he came in, and so the door to the back room was partially blocked by a heavy cart. With whatever substance he was on, he wasn’t coordinated enough to get past it to us, so he fled. He was followed by my coworker’s husband and caught. When he was caught, they found an industrial sized pipe wrench wrapped tightly in his fist, so that he could get a stronger grip when swinging. I’m so glad that cart was there. Once a year or so, I would look him up in the parish prison roster to see if he was still in jail. One year, he suddenly wasn’t. I later found him named in a lawsuit as having stabbed his cellmate a half dozen times while the guy was asleep. Definitely doesn’t seem like the nicest of people. Nine years later, I’m still unpacking this incident in therapy – it’s why I dont like walking around cities at night or sitting where I can’t see the door.


I was exiting a bar once after last call and was with a friend who was a medic. We saw a girl laying in a snow bank near a telephone pole who had just been hit by a car. We ran over and tried to help her, some others were already on the phone with 911 and I, not having any medical training didn’t have anything to contribute but didn’t want to just leave, the whole situation was concerning.

I turn around for a second and start to hear people screaming… I turn around a a minivan was heading for us, the few people around this woman. They already started to run, but I was too late…

He hit me as I was trying to flee… put the car in reverse, ran over me again, and then went forward and run over me a third time.

Turns out the guy was high and drunk and got into a fight with the women’s bf, whom I bared a strong resemblance too. He thought I was him. Not to throw a pity party for myself but 9 years later I have a ton of medical issues, and my life pretty much started on a downward spiral since then… but sure, I guess I “survived”.

Edit: For everyone wondering about the guy, An off duty cop watched the whole thing go down, and copied his license plate number. He was apprehended 20 minutes later & charged with attempted murder, along with many other things.

He plea’d out to just 3 years in jail. He had actually killed someone else a few years before drunk driving. How they thought that was appropriate is beyond me.


I got jumped by two grown men when I was a freshmen in college. I was walking back from my friends house and it was about 30 past midnight. One posed as a homeless man asking for a dollar and the other had on a security jacket like he worked for the university’s safety patrol. When I passed the homeless guy saying I had nothing to give him, I saw the “security” guy walking towards me. This is when I felt a rear neck choke hold and the “security” guy started whaling on me. I had my bag on me, but like I said, I literally had nothing on me. They couldn’t take me down to the ground (surprisingly..I must’ve had an adrenaline rush). The guy posing as a homeless guy said “open the back pack, find anything let’s dip”. This lasted about 2-3 minutes, but it felt like forever. The whole time I could feel something pointy in my back, but I just like to think that the guy was extremely excited, and it wasn’t a knife. Luckily, it was right outside my friend’s house and a couple of them came running out when they heard the commotion. The guys fled immediately when 3 of my friends came sprinting towards them. I still look behind me when I walk home alone.


When I was a kid I was riding my bike home from a friends house at sunset. I rode past the community pool which had been closed for a couple months. There was a car in the lot with a guy in it. I didn’t think much of it as I continued the trek home. I cut through the local elementary parking lot which has gates. I get like 20 yards past the gate and I see that car pull up at the bottom. Thinking that’s odd. Anyhow he backs out away from the gate. My spidey senses were kinda tingling at this point. I get up to the school and head towards teacher parking lot which is my standard direction. As I’m about to turn the corner I see headlights from the parking lot. I stop and peek around the corner and it’s that fucking guy again. I flip my bike around and start going the long way around the school. He sees me but just gets back in his car. And starts driving around the front of the school. I camp in these bushes, heart pounding. He is slowly driving up and down the front of the school keeping an eye on the teachers lot. Another car comes down the street and he has to move his dumb car out of their way. As soon as he does I just blasted up to the street and full tilt flew my bike into some random open garage. So I’m hiding in the garage waiting for him to come around again. But he doesn’t. I give it a few minutes then decide to pop my head out. Still no one. Ok I’m a few blocks from home just gotta go for it. Bust out the bike and start hauling ass home. Not half a fucking block later this dude turns the corner on me. I just veer my bike into some random lawn and run up to the front door. I look at him and he’s just in the street staring at me. I grip the front door handle praying to any and every god these people don’t lock their doors. I see his reverse lights flicker and I know he just put it in park. I just rip that door open, run inside and slam it. Two old people just sitting there. I look at them and I’m like some dude is trying to get me out there. They don’t completely believe me cause they barely react to what I said. But they don’t kick me out or anything either. I’m watching the dude from their window and he’s just chilling. Then the grandpa looking dude gets up from his Lazy Boy and opens the curtain to look for himself. When he does this the asshat in the car just leaves. Old guy is like well looks like he’s gonna leave. I’m like I’m not leaving for a bit. So I hang out for 10 min and no creepy abductor car to be seen. I assume he figured i called the cops. Finally I’m like I have to get home. This is before cell phones were common for average people. I hop on my bike and I swear it felt like I drove 35 mph the whole way home. Get home and tell my parents. I’m exhausted and in complete shock. They basically brush me off. I’m stunned that every adult I interacted with acted like I was crazy. I basically never talked about it again it was so traumatic to talk about at the time.

That image of him in his car while I held the door handle to the random house is permanently seared into my brain. To this day it’s still as crystal clear as if it happened yesterday. Like 18-20 years later i decided to confront my parents as to why they didn’t do anything that day. They were like wtf you talking about. I explained it far better than I could’ve when I was a kid in complete shock. Anyhow, with the current, more expansive explanation my mother b-b-b-broke down. She started crying at this public restaurant cause she saw how serious I was when I was like how could you ignore what I said that day. As well as talked about how that morphed my stranger danger techniques for better or worse. Thankfully I was on the verge of puberty and ended up becoming a giant human being so my actual fears diminished quickly as I could defend myself. Until I moved away from that town however, I looked every day for that god damned car. Never saw it again. I would fantasize about what I’d like to do if I ever found that guy, hell, I still do.

TLDR dude tried abducting me at like 10-12 years old. Got lucky hiding in random garage and some old people’s house. Never got any level of justice


I was around 20-21 years old and walking home at about 3 am after a night out and I was absolutely plastered from drinking so much, I was about 200 meters from my house when a hooded figure jumped out from behind a bush and immediately had a knife pushing into my stomach as he grabbed my neck and tried pulling me in, fortunately I was stronger and pulled away, he went to lunge at me with the knife when suddenly he stopped, stared for what felt like an eternity but was probably a second or 2 and then said “Holy shit, I haven’t seen you in so long, my bad mate” and then walked off like nothing had happened. I still don’t know who he was to this day.


If you’re from the area I’m from this will probably sound familiar. But I got absolutely black out drunk at an end of the year/graduation party and ended up having to get taken home early. Later that night another student at the party ended up stabbing and killing 5 people. Turns out he had mental issues (schizophrenia) and thought everyone at the party was a werewolf/vampire who threatened his life. He never went to jail but ended up being founded non criminally responsible instead…


Had a homicidal roommate. He would graphically describe his murderous fantasies in vivid detail to me. Very gory stuff like peeling faces off and slicing guts open. Over the course of my time knowing him, he would describe his victim in detail. Every element of his descriptions aligned perfectly to me, with unsettling detail. I would confront him about this numerous times, stating I felt unsafe and asking if he wanted to hurt me etc. He would always slide around the questions with his words, never saying anything reassuring or direct. These conversations always left me feeling much more unsettled.

One day he just walks into my room with a dazed look on his face, almost as if he were in a state of psychosis. He sits on the foot of my bed not saying a word. I sat on a chair about 4 feet in front of him, and asked him what’s going on? I had a very disturbing feeling at this point. He quickly reaches into his pocket, pulls out an open-blade knife, and lunges at me. My first and only instinct was to lunge back at him. I grabbed him by the shirt, pressed my forehead to his, and screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!”. Shaking him as hard as I could. His eyes went scared, he dropped the knife, and just stumbled on his words, uttering “I don’t know, I don’t know’” as he walked out of my room. In hindsight what I did was pretty dangerous, I should have decked him right in the face or something else. He was a pussy when under confrontation, so I don’t know if he could have actually stabbed me. It was scary though! I reported this incident and past behaviors to the apartment management. He was evicted, the police got involved and searched his room. They found “illegal weapons” in his closet, whatever that means.


This all happened many years ago.

I was a lead man at a factory. A girl starts working there, and I take an interest. After a few months, I find out she is in a terrible drug-fueled abusive relationship. Every night, I tell her to call me, I’ll come get her. Finally after months, she calls me, I come get her and take her to my house.

The guy she was in the relationship with didn’t take too kindly to me taking her away. He spends the next 2 years harassing and threatening us.

A few months after she and I got married we went out for a few drinks. Her ex just happened to be at the bar we went to. He apologized to us for the threats and harassment. We were sitting outside talking with a few other people.

Next thing I know, I’m on my back on the ground with someone choking me. I try all I can to get them off of me, but being blindsided and them being on top of me, it wasn’t easy. As I struggle to get free, everything goes black, then I see “the light at the end of the tunnel”. In that moment I was certain that this was the end of me. I somehow manage to get a better hold of this person’s head, and I yank them off of me. We run to the car and get away.

A week or so later, my wife had been talking to everyone she thinks might know what happened. Turns out, her ex had paid 2 people $50 to kill me that night.


Chilling with the bros drinking at a park. As we drive off to leave, a car coming our way almost hits us. Driver obviously reacts like “wtf” and I guess the other car noticed.

They turned around and caught up to us at a stop sign. Other driver asked if we had a problem, we told them stop driving like assholes. Then their back window rolls down and two guys in the back draw Glocks with drum magazines.

We just kind of froze up at first but then our driver pulled off hastily. Later found out those guys got arrested for shooting someone else that same day.


A couple of years ago my brother and I went to walk the dog at like 11pm. We left through the side gate (live on a corner) and right as we exit I see this weird looking dude at the corner of the footpath walking weirdly towards us. Got bad vibes and told my brother to get the dog and get back inside. This dude is walking kind of side on and hiding something in his hand behind his back, as I’m getting my brother through the gate the dude says something like “oi mate can I come in, I need a blanket I’m freezing” I just ignored him and went inside and locked the door. We then get a call from the people who live two doors up, the same dude knocked on their door and their 10yo son opened it to see the dude holding a fucking hatchet. Anyway I’m glad I went with my gut on that one.


I was 15-16, at a party. I went outside on a balcony for a smoke with someone I was talking to, and there was already a guy out there. We chatted as a group, and the friend went back inside. I started chatting with the guy who was already out there, who seemed a little funny. He started talking about how he was in the Army for a little bit but got kicked out, then pulled out a big knife and handed it to me. I looked at it and gave it back to him. At that point he pushed me against the edge of the balcony, put the knife to my neck, looked me in the eye, and said “do you know why I wanted to join the Army? I wanted to fucking kill people, man. People just like you”. He then made a slicing sound with his mouth and took the knife away, then started laughing.

I went inside, grabbed my gf, and we locked ourselves in a bedroom. He ended up smoking a lot of meth that night and was kneeing holes in the wall and beating on the door. I slept with my knife under my pillow. The next morning he seemed totally normal, except for the fact that he had turned his jeans into short shorts.

Fucking scary looking back on it.


When I was 15 my schoolfellow, whose brother I was friendly with, asked me to follow him outside to a lightly wooded area behind our school where kids used to go smoke. Everything seemed totally normal- we were making casual small conversation- and once we got to the spot I said “hold on, I have to take a piss”. Turned my back on him to do the deed and next thing I felt was a super hard punch to my upper right back. Turns out this “punch” was actually a stab- specifically, a stab with an 8″ knife. He was kind enough to A) inform me I’d been stabbed and B) remove the knife. Survival instinct kicked in and I fell to the ground pretending to be dead, because he would of kept going otherwise. Once I fell to the ground he took my watch off my hand, which we soon learned (according to him) was the impetus for the stabbing- he planned to pawn it (a $200 Fossil watch my mom bought my on vacation to Italy a couple years earlier) and buy some coke. Once he ran off and I started getting up I noticed something was very wrong… I couldn’t breath. My friends happened to be behind the school when I emerged from the wooded area yelling for them to go get help as I’d just been stabbed. They thought I was joking around as I usually did, but one of them finally came over after I fell to my knees and saw I was being for real, blood going everywhere. They’d fetched a teacher who proved to be the human embodiment of incompetence- she got the bright idea to have me lay on my stomach, which could of expedited the process of flooding my lungs with blood, but thankfully didn’t as I only stayed in that position for a few seconds. The pain began to intensify as I was constantly gasping for air, but also some nerve damage had been done and my movement was greatly constricted. They propped me up against the lockers by the back entrance, where my blood coated the wall, and it took about 25 min for the ambulance to arrive. I was still in a great deal of pain even with the oxygen mask on, but it was nothing compared to the pain I’d experience shortly after in the ER/OR where they made a 5-6″ incision under my armpit in order to get at my lung so that they could insert a chest tube. The feeling of having the doctors hands INSIDE of me, feeling around and holding my lung while I was still awake (under local anaesthetic) is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever encountered and a sensation I will never forget. I still don’t know why they couldn’t have put me under fully for such a procedure instead of administering local all around my body… At this point my parents had been brought in and were in hysterics after seeing me on the OR table with blood everywhere. My mom was at home when the principal called to notify her what’d happened and ordered a cop to drive her to the hospital, a trauma centre about 30 min away from our home. My dad was at work on a construction site and went into a rage, getting together a band of his friends/workers to come to the hospital to find out who did this- they wanted to go kill the guy, but my mom managed to talk some sense into him. I was the most innocent 15 year old kid, never into drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc. and struggled for a long time with the question of “why me?” when there were so many much worse people out there than me… not that anyone deserves this kind of punishment. Was a $200 watch worth it? I spent a couple weeks in the hospitals trauma unit and then a further month or two at home recovering. Whoever stitched me up did a horrible job as they kept coming undone and I had to visit the ER several times to have that fixed… bleeding out in public was NOT fun… Psychologically it honestly didn’t do too much damage as I think I was just too young to grasp the full weight of what’d happened… but physically it left the entire area around my upper right back and right arm/armpit completely numb for the rest of my life. I was also told that the lung could randomly collapse at any time– apparently that’s a possibility for those having suffered a traumatic pneumothorax, can anyone confirm?–, but it’s been almost 15 years since the incident and I haven’t had any major issues with the lung thus far. The guy who did it was 17 and protected by the young offenders act here in Canada, which means he did zero jail time for this… I think he just got some community service hours. Blows my fucking mind- what a dysfunctional system…


Someone shot 17 semi-automatic rounds into my house while everyone was asleep.

They nearly shot my kids, they hit my bed I was sleeping in, there were bullets dinging around the room. It was pure dumb luck no one got killed because it was over by the time we were even able to react.


Like a decade+ or so when I was a kid my family and I took a trip to Tanzania for safaris. Well, one night near the Kenyan border we were out spotlighting for bush babies when a pair of headlights appear in the distance and blocks our car. A bunch of dudes with AKs hop out of their truck and our tour guide drops his head to the wheel and keeps his hands on it. Me, being what like 10 whined “what’s happening” and my parents basically quietly and sternly told me to shut the fuck up and stay down. Any time the guys with guns ask our tour guide questions he would just mumble responses and not look up. Apparently my mom watched the dudes rubbing their crotches and staring at her and my sister (who is just a year older than me). After probably like 10 minutes (but it was so long ago and I was so young I don’t really know) the dudes put their guns down, hop in their vehicle, and drive away. While pressing our tour guide for questions we would only get response like “oh they were just game wardens looking for poachers” and other bullshit.

Turns out it was (according to my parents after snooping around) a Kenyan militia who goes around and kidnaps tourist groups to hold for ransom. They stop one group, call up the owner of the park/ preserve, and say basically they’ll let this group go if he agrees to pay the ransom but if he doesn’t they’ll kill them and ruin his business if they don’t get X amount of money. If the game warden agrees to their ransom then they let the first group go. If he doesn’t then they kill and/or rape them. And then try again with the next group. If he doesn’t pay the ransom by then, well you get the picture.

Awfully, although this was one of the more urgent near death experiences our family has had, we still laugh about it since something terrible like this happens on nearly every trip we go on with the family. Israel and Egypt, nearly had bombs go off on us. South Africa, got stuck in a river with a very territorial hippo and jeep stuck on a termite mound with a very pissed leopard stalking us. Also in Tanzania I stuck my face in a boomslang and didn’t notice. India something else happened but I don’t remember what, I’ll add it if I remember. It’s a running gag with our family at this point, and we just assume any family trip we take something awful will go wrong. So much weird random shit happens to our family that our friends ask “what happened this time?” after a trip.


I don’t know if this counts because I didn’t find out until ten years later.

When I was 7-8 years old, when my parents broke up. My dad apparently tried to kill me and my mother, along with everyone in the household at time. Including the cats. He failed to get in house. The 2 times he tried.


In my late teens, I used to buy my weed from random dudes in the projects (low income housing.)

One day we gave some money to a guy named 40. He took it and went inside one of the buildings. We waited in the car for several minutes. We started to think he had taken our money and left. Right about that time, a car full of coked-up white dudes pulled up beside ours. Apparently my friend owed them money. They pointed a gun at him and said that if he had enough money to buy weed, then he could pay them back.

I really thought they were going to shoot us and just drive off like it was nothing, and I hadn’t even done anything wrong. I thought I was gonna pee my pants.

Right about that time, 40 came back out with our weed and an even bigger gun. He scared them away and then we went back to his apartment and smoked a blunt. What a good man. Turns out he was only selling weed because he had a 6-year-old daughter and that was the only way he knew to give her a better life than he had.

I babysat his daughter occasionally for the rest of that summer. I really hope she got a decent childhood and that her dad stayed safe and out of jail.


My brother has BPD and is totally incapable of controlling his emotions. He saw red and came at me with a steak knife and stabbed me several times in the neck. I guess I was lucky in that most of the stabs glanced off me as I was protecting myself with my arms, he didn’t really strike any clean shots where it could have cause me to bleed seriously but he wasn’t really aiming. A few inches to the left and he could have hit a major vein.


I was 15 and outside in my garage petting my cat. It was November so it was already dark by 5pm. Someone opened the door behind me without me hearing, grabbed me by my Ponytail and starting dragging me outside. They hit me on my head with a brick and knocked me out. Pulled me halfway around my house when (I’m guessing this is when) they stabbed me on the left side of my stomach. This must have brought me out of my daze, because my mom said she heard me scream from inside where she and my brother And sister were in the kitchen. They came out the front door and saw me bleeding out on the side walk, called 911. had 12 stitches (double layer) and a severe Concussion, and whiplash. didn’t eat and hardly slept for a week. They never found them.


Sophomore year of college went with a freind to go hang out at his old college. We were supposed to crash with a few freinds of his but we met a few ladies and ended up at a pool party. Next day went home and my freind started getting calls from one of his buddies moms asking if he’d seen him.

Turns out in the middle of the night a few guys broke into the house kidnapped my friends buddy and roomate. Took there car and drove them out to the middle if nowhere and executed them. I guess it was part of some gang initiation.

I was supposed to sleep there with my freind. I still somtimes think about it and get the shivers.



May 18, 2018. School shooting at Santa Fe Highschool, I was a sophomore at the time. Don’t really want to dive into the details but I remember running through the grass thinking that they were shooting into the crowd of kids running. Scariest moment of my life, but at least im here for the 1 year anniversary of it all.


A customer pushed me onto a rollercoaster track in the station (I work in a theme park), luckily rides are covered in sensors, and I tripped one. Which stopped the ride.


Was walking with a few friends to hit the bars after a bottle of Tequila as a young dumb 17 year old, through an abandoned dockyard because fuck getting a Taxi, we’re invincible right? Well outta nowhere a dozen men ran out of the darkness near a crumbling abandoned water tower with knives shouting at us, so we all take off naturally. Now we get to the bridge on the other side of the dockyard and my friend gets grabbed and the assailant goes to plant a knife in his back, I grabbed the guy and pulled him into some bushes right by the Waters edge. My friends continued to run and made off fine, I however was corned, and stabbed 4 times, including once in the head (will upload pics for proof if this takes off). As I’m lying against the fence and they’re deciding who’s going to finish me off one of them starts shouting my name because I knew him from school. He might have been in with the wrong crowd but he rugby tackled the one that was about to finish me off, pulled down the fence and sent me running. Still think about him time to time, between the Fluoxotine and the PTSD.


I was abducted at a gas station during undergrad. The locks on my car were broken, and as soon as I got back in, a strange man came in and forced me to drive him to an ATM. I am paralyzed with fear so any sense or reason I had went out the window. He claimed he worked at Wendy’s and for my generosity he would give me all the Wendy’s I ever wanted. On the way to the ATM he showed me pictures of his daughters (on his clearly stolen cell phone). Then a Whitney Houston song came on the radio and he starts BAWLING his eyes out and screaming “Why do all the good people have to die, only bad things should happen to bad people.” I go to the ATM, take out cash, give it to him thinking it’s over. He then makes me get back in the car and drive him somewhere else. We pass by some train tracks and I’m thinking this is it, this is where I will be murdered. He asks me what I’m studying in school, and I tell him Biochemistry. “I believe in jet propulsion and all that shit. WE ARE NOT ALONE ALIENS ARE AMONG US.” He then makes me pull over at a gas station and he tells me “drive away sweetheart”. I call the cops, had to do a line-up, apparently this dude had done this to a ton of other women, and some were less unscathed than I was….


Some time ago when I was like 14 years old I found a second handed guitar advertised online for a very cheap price, I wen’t ahead and contacted the seller, who ended up being someone who studied in the same school I studied in, so I went to his house and found that the guitar had no strings, which was no a problem to me but we got to an agreement of him putting new strings on the guitar if I went with him downtown to purchase them, to which I said yes.

We went downtown, got the new strings, and while getting back, a random guy approached us and started asking for money, I paid no attention but then this random guy pulled out a fire gun and pointed at us, he said that he was the guy in charge of the zone that we happened to be walkind around and that we must pay him in order to cross by.

I was kind of in shock but then the guy I was with (the guitar seller) started a discussion with the guy who had the gun and while they were doing that, the seller told me to run, and with no doubt I startet to run away as fast as I could right thourgh the middle of a street and between running cars, something obiously dumb, but I was in shock, so that was my reaction.

I remember that when I started to run, that guy still had the gun pointing at us, so while I ran I was weirdly expecting the sound of a shoot, but luckily that didn’t happen.


I used to live on the outskirts of downtown and would go visit a friend that lived downtown. He lived in a place that’s kind of like a halfway house so he wasn’t allowed to have overnight guests so I’d leave his place at around 10pm and catch the bus back home. The streetlights at the nearest bus stop were all out and that made me uncomfortable so I decided to walk to the next stop which ended up being an awful decision. There was an old guy under the influence sitting at this bus stop and he tried to hit on me. I ignored him and then he called me a bunch of names and started acting violent. I turned around to walk away and he reached over to grab me by my hair. He starts punching me, we fall to the ground and then he starts slamming my head into the concrete repeatedly. I was so focused on trying to fight back I never screamed or anything. A minute later a group of men end up pulling this guy off of me, restrain him and call the police. If those guys had not been in the area I probably would’ve died because the old guy was not slowing down. I was too traumatized to show up to court when he was charged so he ended up only serving 3 months.


I was walking to a bus station at 6 in the morning, and some dude on the sidewalk pushed me over and sliced at my throat with a knife, then walked off. Luckily his knife was blunt as fuck and so I got away with just a cool scar. I asked a guy who had witnessed the whole thing to help me call the police, and he said nah. Then I went on with my day.


Well. My mom got mad at me when I was 20 and I didn’t give her money for her birthday, which I’m assuming was to pay off drug dealers of hers, so she stabbed me between the ribs. Ended up getting stuck in the bone and had to get it taken out in surgery.


I went to Trafalgar square for new year with my friend about 18 years ago! We got totally sloshed on whiskey, fantastic atmosphere, 100s of people walking around! From memory I must of looked really pissed (that’s whisky for u), went for a stroll outside the bar on my own, stumbling probably, grinning ear to ear, when a stranger took my arm and started walking away with me. I was so out of it I just went along!

We bumped into a couple and I very quietly pleaded that I didn’t know this person! Thankfully they stopped and pretended they knew me and dragged me back!

Always dread to think what would of happened!


I was riding in a train across Eastern Europe. I was running low on money and even though I had been warned that a woman should not travel alone in second class seating I did not spring for first class. I was sitting alone in one of the compartments that seats six. This was also a mistake and a very stupid one to sit alone. Eventually the train stopped and a man got on – he was very drunk. He came into my compartment and I guess thought I looked like his ex-wife. He attacked me. If it were not for the fact that this particular station was the border between two countries I would be dead. Instead border patrol from both countries were on the train and while I was unable to scream, the door was open and at least a half a dozen uniformed men jumped him and saved me. I was in the hospital for a little while but recovered. At one point during the trial, one of the cops asked me if I wanted him and his buddies to hold the guy down while I hit him. I thought he was joking. So I said no, go ahead you do it. I was also joking. But it turns out they took it seriously and were about to! I did put a stop to that at least. But they were so offended that someone from their country would attack a young female American tourist. They were furious with him. So many people there depended upon tourism


I was doing volunteer work in Central America, working in a really bad area of the capitol city–it was a slum built on top of the city’s garbage dump. The whole place reeked of trash, and there were large metal cylinders coming up out of the ground throughout the area to vent the gas from decomposing garbage underground.

As a fellow volunteer and I walked down a dirt path, two men approached us. I’d never seen them before. They were acting strangely, but I just thought they were drunk or high–a lot of people in the area drank rubbing alcohol to get drunk, since it was cheaper than beer or liquor. Over time, drinking the rubbing alcohol would really mess with their brains.

As the men got closer, they began acting really friendly–too friendly. One of them came close to me, trying to put his arm around my shoulders. At first, it seemed like the behavior of a guy who gets happy and friendly when he’s drunk. However, an alarm went off in my head, and I gently–but firmly–pushed him away. I tried to make it seem lighthearted and playful, like, “Hey, man! How’s it going?” (Affectionate shove.) I didn’t want to make a scene, since I was a gringo; I didn’t want to seem like an ugly American.

This went on over and over down the whole path–he’d get close, I’d shove him off, he’d come close again. Finally, my friend and I came to a fork in the path, and we went one way while they went another.

After we got to the house of some people we knew, we told them about the two guys. (I was so focused on protecting myself, I didn’t even notice much of what was happening with the other guy.) They said, “Oh, everyone around here knows him. That’s his routine–he comes up to people, pretends to be friendly, puts him arm around them, then pulls out his knife and stabs them in the stomach.”

I was that close to getting stabbed to death.


Was a bouncer at a club in LA for a minute in the 90’s. Stopped some dudes clearly affiliated (in a gang) at the door after they refused security checks. After a few minutes of their threats & Manson lamps they left spewing all sort of warnings.

A little later it starts to wind down and because it’s a little slow & we’re overstaffed so I start to drink. I get a bit drunk (not wasted, but sleepy-buzzed) so I tell my buddy I’m going to go lay down in the back of his car for a while.

A few minutes after lying down I realize I have to piss. I get out and stumble a few into a spot between a guard gate (for a parking lot) and a building for a little privacy (there’s a few dozen people milling around in front of the club). I’m about 25 feet away from the club’s entrance and just off an alleyway.

While I’m relieving myself, a dude runs right past in front of me, around the guard booth to my rear, and unloads a 9mm (recovered rounds from back seat/trunk/roof/bumper) into the back seat of the car I’d just crawled out of.

“bam bam bam bam…” Unloading into the car.

He then turns, runs right back past me, and down the alley into the night. Don’t think he saw me at all.

Nothing really came of it. Except my partner was convinced I was a “marked man” and refused to be near me for a year or so.

Edit: holy crap, I kind of expected this to get buried. This was Los Angeles. I was about 25 (almost 50 now) so some specifics are long gone – but I remember this: my buddy was genuinely terrified by this, I don’t think he knew anything about it (in fact he seemed to interpret the event as a larger conspiracy to have me snuffed – not some random pissed off dude making a point/getting jumped in) and because he ditched the car/wouldn’t take my calls it got left at that. For those concerned with the car – it was, like, a 1980’s rusted out sedan…maybe a $500 car. Details about the slugs/number of rounds fired were relayed to me later by third parties (my friend and I were known in the neighborhood, people were talking about it). Thank you for the well wishes. Honestly though, this wasn’t even the first time I was shot at (it’s been a long strange trip).


Throwaway because it got some media. I’m a criminal defense attorney. I was representing this guy that had embezzled almost $500k from his business partner. He was looking down the barrel at several years in prison, a bunch of his assets had been seized by the government, was being sued by multiple creditors for north of $2 million, and was in the midst of an ugly divorce and wasn’t allowed to see his kids. I was one of 3 lawyers he had – criminal, civil and divorce. He was drinking a lot and using coke — I used to get this incoherent phone calls in the middle of the night that ranged from threats to crying.

He came to my office one day and asked for me but I was in court. My secretary said he was perfectly civil. He then went to his divorce lawyer’s office and shot him to death. Got stopped by the police a short distance away and was wounded in a shootout. He would later tell the cops that he had come to my office to shoot me that day and also planned to shoot his civil attorney.


I have a friend who had a party at his parents house when he was in high school that a ton of random people went to. He got super drunk during the party and went upstairs to go to sleep, knowing that his friends would watch the party for him. My friend woke up from his nap to a guy from his school sitting on top of him stabbing him death. He was stabbed seven times before it stopped and he laid there on the bed dying. The only reason he is still alive is because his best friend came upstairs to ask him if it was alright if he made a frozen pizza and found him. The assailant was put in jail and recently was released and it scares me to know that a guy who “wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone” (said during the trial), is still out there free.


I jumped out of a moving vehicle. This was in college in a different country. There were commuter buses that takes us to and from the campus and dorms. I had to stay 30 mins later for a project so around 7:30 PM by then the commuter rush was gone. I was the only passenger and I was sitting at front next to the driver.

He was acting already shady, it was dark and rainy. He made a sudden dark turn of a grassy unlit hill. He said somethings wrong with the tires. I said Im getting off, he wont let me.

The hill leads to a cliffside where rapes and murders have happned before. I had the pointy stick of my umbrella facing him ready to jab if he tried anything, which he tried to reach/grab for me. I jumped and ran straight to the highway were another commuter bus stopped surprised seeing a girl coming out of the tall grasses.

I saw the driver of my previous ride, speeding away. Nothing was wrong with his tires.


My supposed best friend decided that my wife and I were too perfect. Therefore it must all be an act and I was obviously abusing her.

He was at our house after I made an awesome dinner and we were having fun drinking and singing karaoke.

I went to the kitchen to put some glasses away, came back and leaned on the couch with him slightly behind me to the left of me.

Then I heard a thunk and felt an amazing amount of pain on the top of my head. He had picked up the whiskey bottle on the table and smashed it into my skull.

I was very confused as to wtf was happening. Then the blood started pouring. I didn’t want to get blood everywhere so I went to the kitchen.

Dude is pacing back and forth saying weird shit. I thought about my gun (which was close by) but I wasn’t thinking quite straight. He left.

I had a huge concussion and still suffer side effects from it.

My number 2 goal in life is to live longer then that asshat just so I can shit on his grave.


I (18F back then, now 25) was on my way home at night after meeting a friend.

My home was just 10 minutes away from the trainstation. After a few minutes I felt someone following me. No big deal I tought, just someone else walking home. But I started walking faster. I realized the person behind me was catching up…weird. In my head I started to make up scenarios of how to defend myself if the person would attack me. Never would I think of this to actually happen.

Well, until I felt something on the back of my head, hitting me hard. I went furious. I turned around and attacked the guy. My mind was just full of anger towards this stranger who, what I thought, hit me.

We were wrestling until I fell on the ground. He was sitting on top of me, strangling me. I tried to crawl my nails into his eyes as deep as I could, but I started to black out. Suddenly there was this tought in my head “wake up, or you will die”…well, adrenaline kicked in again and I opened my eyes and screamed of the top of my lungs, attacking him again.

That helped. He stood up and began to run. I layed there for a few seconds, then I started to run home, still screaming.

My mom was already at our door and opened for me because my screams woke her up (or her mother senses, who knows?) She immeadiately called the cops and they could arrest him on the same night.

It turned out that he actually shot me in my head from behind. They assume that the gun didn’t work properly, the bullet didnt penetrate my skull and stuck in there, but as far as I know they never found out why the gun misfired. I’m glad though. He told the cops that he already followed me a few times in the past, but never had the guts to “do it”. He wanted to kill me and rape my dead body.


My wife, my kids and myself went to church one time and we ran into one of my wife’s old “flings”, this guy followed my wife around and our daughter and kept trying to talk to them. So I confronted him about it and told him to back off.

As we were leaving he makes sure to yell across the parking lot telling my daughter good bye. My wife forces me in to the car and we leave. So I message the guy on Facebook to ask him what his problem is and he tells me that my wife and daughter are his friends and I have no right to tell them who to be friends with. I told him again to back off our I would call the police.

Fast forward a week (I worked every other Sunday) I get a call from the pastor saying that they had to call the police on the guy because he was causing drama looking for me. When they arrested him he had a back pack with him that had a sawed off shotgun, a meth pipe and some meth in it.


Walking home from my pregnant gf’s house at the time.. Honestly it wasn’t a bad neighborhood. Well I’m walking basically just minding my own business, passed these guys maybe 3 or four of them , they were heading the other direction on the other side of the street.. Something told me to look back and right as I did that, one of them had a gun pointed to the back of my head.. I turned around fully and was just like yo! They were like give us your money etc I had a wad of dollars and not sure if it was quick thinking but I stuck my thumb in between the cash pulled it out and threw it on the road and it scattered.. As they went to pick it up I bolted.. These assholes chased me.. I just run to some dudes house who luckily for me he was cool let me in closed the door and called the cops.. A few weeks later those same dudes were arrested for robbery and killing the person they robbed.. These guys were from a neighboring neighborhood.. So ya..


So, I did not know it was a murder attempt at the time, but looking back now – it was a definite possibility. In middle and high school my next door neighbors were a boy one year younger than me (John) and his younger brother who was four years younger than him (Nathan.) My own younger brother and I had a similar age gap, and we found ourselves around each other all the time. Now I am a female and the rest of the group was all males, so there were just naturally times when the three of them would hang and I wouldn’t be around.

One day my little brother who was around 9 at the time comes home with a porno mag and is telling me about the porn videos they were watching as a little unit. Now guys, I have no idea if this is something that is done in your pre/adolescent circles, but it freaked me the hell out and I told my mom. My mom then went and told their single dad. What I didn’t know was their dad was an abusive piece of shit who beat both of those boys so badly that they couldn’t go to school for weeks. No, we didn’t call the police – we just filed it away and knew from that point forward to never tattle. I still carry the guilt of telling on John and Nathan with me to this day, because it set off a chain of events I would have never anticipated.

As we got older, the brothers started acting out more and more; bullying other kids, vandalism, weird shit like toying with road kill. As the level headed female in the group I opposed all of these things, and a faction emerged with me and the other neighborhood kids on one side, and John and Nathan on the other just fucking shit up and causing trouble. One day I had done SOMETHING to piss off John, and he came at me with a large chef’s knife. I didn’t have shoes on, so I took off running through the backyard and crossed into the neighbor’s. John was hot on my tail, trailing me by maybe 4 feet when I fell down. There was some sort of exposed PVC drainage pipe that had been shattered at the top that I didn’t see it and ran over, my foot was sliced open immediately and I went down screaming. I think it shocked him; my screaming, the sudden change of pace, and the blood. He stopped, laughed at me, then ran home- presumably so he didn’t get his ass whipped.

After I took care of myself, I told my mom what happened with the knife. She had started dating someone new, and I think this was the sort of feather that broke the camels back. We moved to another part of town in the same district about a ten-minute drive from our old house. Around that exact time we moved in, a new family moved into the house on the other side of John and Nate.

Things continued down a bad path for those boys. Over the next year they got in trouble with school, and would randomly show up at our new house locked out of their own. The year I went off to college I received a panicked phone call from my mom telling me to look up the local newspaper, John had murdered the girl who had moved into the other house next door to him. It was really grisley too, he chopped her up and stuffed her into a trunk that sat outside in his dad’s car all day while a family picnic was happening. He and his little brother got caught trying to throw the trunk into the river from a bridge at night by a cop who happened to be driving by. I just thought to myself that could have been me! Both brothers have been locked up for what has to be about ten years at this point, they were both tried and convicted as adults. Everyone in our town just wants to see them burn in hell, but honestly the only thing I can think about is how it might have been different if our family reported the abuse from the onset – maybe their little minds would’nt have warped from a tender age.


It wasn’t a murder attempt (maybe it was..?) but a stabbing attempt I guess. Happened when I was around 12-13 years old.

I was taking a lifeguarding course at a local pool with a friend of mine which had about 16 people in the class. The age ranges in the class can vary, and we probably had a mix of people between 12-18, but most were somewhere in the middle.

There was this one kid, probably 16-17 that really stood out to me and my friend as the typical “school shooter” type. Very solemn look on his face at all times, socially awkward and extremely quiet. We both got really strong serial killer vibes from him. It’s just one of those instincts you feel that tells you “something isn’t right”

We made a few jokes between ourselves about it, as we both noticed it almost immediately and were fairly uncomfortable being around him. This lasted for probably the first 2 hours of the 4 hour class. At that point we were asked to switch from pool instruction into a classroom, and had about 20 minutes to change and get into the classroom.

As we are all changing, this guy kept looking over at me and my friend – we tried not to make eye contact with him and just ignore it but we were getting extremely uncomfortable with how intensely the guy was staring. We were the only 3 in the changeroom and were intent on leaving as fast as possible. Eventually, my friend makes eye contact with the guy, who screams something along the lines of “STOP LOOKING AT ME”, pulling a switchblade out of his swim bag and lunging at my friend. I stood there, somewhat frozen as this was happening and didn’t really know what to do – whether to try and help or run. My friend ended up blocking the initial lunge with the locker door, and he sprinted towards the front exit of the changeroom, with this enraged knife-wielding teenager chasing him. When my friend had made it out of the changeroom the maniac turned around and started chasing me down. With pool deck floors, they are extremely slippery and almost impossible to run on but 12 year old me wasn’t exactly worried about that at this point.

I had to run from the changeroom/locker area, through the bathrooms, through a shower room and then onto the pool deck (the only other exit) all I remember is him catching up to me and he must have been within reach at some point on this 100m run, but I remember turning around once I made it on the pool deck and the guy was gone. I was half dressed, and basically still sprinting towards the lifeguard office.

Once there I found our instructor and told him what happened – and he didn’t believe me. He said I was lying and was just picking on the kid, nothing happened… etc. So I told him to try and find my friend with me (I was panicking, hyperventilating, but apparently not believable). My friend was still out in the lobby now with a ton of concerned parents around trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out when he blocked the knife with the locker door the knife got his forearm and he was bleeding pretty badly (not arterial, but probably a 6″ gash on the hairy part of your arm) Immediately my instructor ushered us away and called the police, building went into lockdown, etc.

To this day I have no idea what happened to that kid – he never came back to the class, and the police didn’t find him that night. I’m assuming he got arrested but I never heard about it. It was probably the closest I ever came to getting killed and I’m not exactly sure why/how he didn’t stab me, or if he slipped and fell before making it to me. He was considerably larger than me and definitely faster.

All I know now is I should trust my instincts more with people – they might turn out to be true.


I was pushed off a cliff by a former friend at his own birthday party (he was 14 and I was like 12), we were on a hike just the two of us and he took a detour and we reached a steep cliff and he just up and pushed me off. I caught on to a tree root that was jutting out (there was a big tree growing right where I fell, the root grew in a way that part of it was exposed and made a surprisingly good handle). He didn’t catch on and simply left me there. I was there for about an hour if I had to guess until someone else was alerted to my presence and managed to get me back up. I still have nightmares about it. I don’t know why he did it, but he had been an insane asshole to me for a long time in retrospect.


Attempted drowning in Lake Michigan by a mental patient on leave with family. I was 8. He lured me into deep water by throwing my sand shovel. He pushed me under. I passed out. He was noticed and seized. They did artificial respiration on me. Men on the beach. Many were medics. This close to end of ww 2. Still very frightened of getting in over my head. Am 75. That shit doesn’t go away.


When I was born my real mother had me put on life insurance as a way to “take care.” Of me or make sure I was good at first

Then the gears in her head started to turn and after I had hit my 18 month mark she had shook me so bad I had a swollen brain, bleeding eyes and I would be in an immense amount of pain. It was called SBS or (shaken baby syndrome.) she took me to see my dad who was in prison at the time and he had noticed the abnormally swollen head I had and asked my real mother if she knows anything about it she denied it completely cause she knew she was the one that did it to me, after she had left with me my dad told a guard that there’s something wrong with me and to call the police, I was sent to the icu unit for children and when I went to go see a pediatrician the doctor had called cps on her and I would’ve been put into foster care but my aunt who I recognize as my mom fought for me and she got custody, after that my real mother was sent to prison for who knows how long (I can’t remember.) and she’s been in and out.

To also recall she tried beating me when I was three years old after the first time she was out of jail and she was sent back after that, the board had a nail in it…

She is a crack head now whose only goal is to try to reenter my life and use me and this wasn’t the only time she tried doing it, the first time I was 16 and she promised me a car (lie) then said she loves me (lie #2) and that it was my dads fault etc etc etc (lie #3) I met her again at a little ceasars and she was acting like she missed me denied that she ever mentioned her telling me I’d get a car and then after I had gotten my first job she tried to say hey how are you and I just shuttled looked at her like every once of emotion was drained from my body and told her to fuck off.


3 men drugged me and kidnapped me. I woke up on a floor with one of them tearing my clothes off and my moonboot (broken foot). I tried kicking him off with the boot but he started knocking my head into the floor and I passed out. I woke up in daylight in a garbage bin, naked and in a pool of my own blood. I dont know how the fuck I got out of there or how I found the nearest policeman but I then collapsed again. Woke up in a hospital with 52 stitches in my head and 78 in and around my vulva and breasts. Doctor said it was the worst rape trauma she ever saw. They say it’s a miracle I’m alive and don’t know how I did it. They were never caught. I am a crisis, trauma and ptsd counselor now. They didn’t win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark