50 Singles On The Most Heartbreaking, Insulting Reason They've Been Rejected

50 Singles On The Most Heartbreaking Reason They’ve Been Rejected

If you’ve been rejected recently, don’t feel bad, because it happened to these people on Ask Reddit too.

1. Apparently I cared too much, and it just wasn’t fair to him that he couldn’t possibly care as much about me as I did for him.

Messed me up a bit, because that’s just… how I am. but whatever. I care about people and I’m sorry you were threatened by that.

2. Didn’t get asked out on a second date in college because my “FP” was too high. FP = fat potential.

3. Chick told me she couldn’t date someone with as serious mommy issues as I did. My “mommy issues” were that she had died 2 months earlier.