50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History 

50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History

These stories from Ask Reddit are insanely cringey.

22. A friend of mine proposes to his partner while she was sat on the toilet, she was having a poo. Everyone slated him and his logic behind it was that in any situation with her can be romantic.

23. A buddy of mine was trying to be romantic by taking a walk on the beach and proposing in front of the ocean. Except it was in New Jersey. In September. She didn’t bring a jacket so she was just trying to “wrap this walking shit up” and get back to the car, and he kept angrily trying to slow her down and find the right moment to do the deed. Eventually he just said, “God [fiance’s name] I’m trying to propose to you here would you stop for a second!” And shoves the ring box at her.

She said yes. Fought all the way through the wedding. Still married. Bless their little hearts!

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