50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History 

50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History

These stories from Ask Reddit are insanely cringey.

14. Old roommate threw the engagement ring on the bed his girlfriend was laying on. She looked at him and, in short, told him to do better.

15. Facebook friend went on a cruise with her boyfriend to some nice islands somewhere (I forget). He proposed to her on the trip, on video.

But he did it during a busy mealtime on the cruise in the dining area rather than, you know, anywhere on the beautiful islands they were about to visit

16. I had a buddy who claims he ‘pretended to drown’ like 50ft out into the ocean, made his future ex-fiancé pull him all the way back and give him CPR. When he came to I think he proposed because he would never admit to having actually drowned.

17. My dad proposed to his gf of twenty years while she was throwing up sick from food poisoning.

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