50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History 

50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History

These stories from Ask Reddit are insanely cringey.

33. At my masters degree graduation ceremony, there was an airplane pulling a banner that read, “Will you marry me Susan?” (I can’t remember the exact name). Every speaker at the ceremony closed their speech with, “So Susan, what’s your answer?” No one knew who she was, but it must have been excruciating for her. Eventually a woman held up a sign that said “Maybe”. We all knew that she really meant “No”.

34. My sister’s friend was proposed to in the bathroom while she was getting ready to go work the night shift.

35. I heard a story on the internet once in which a guy borrowed a ring from a store owner and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes, then he immediately gave the ring back to the store owner. She was pissed after that.

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