50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History 

50 Men Who Gave The Absolute Worst Proposals In Human History

These stories from Ask Reddit are insanely cringey.

1. Before we were married my wife had a friend who had a boyfriend and they were both those types that are weirdly into weed. Look, I got no problem with weed. I’ve smoked a little myself in my day. But these were the “wear pot leaf themed clothing, get a pot leaf tattoo, have more money invested in weed paraphernalia than anything else” types.

They got engaged when he wrote “Will you marry me” on the inside of a rolling paper and asked her to roll him a blunt while we were at a bonfire. She said yes, then they smoked it together to celebrate.

2. My buddy’s girlfriend kept telling him that he couldn’t surprise her. After college, they were planning to move together to another town. About 6 months before graduation, he told her he wasn’t sure about the move or their relationship. She turned around to cry. He called her name, and when she turned back, he was on one knee. Did it to surprise her.

3. Worked in a restaurant in the early 90’s and a waitress told this story…

She was on a date with her boyfriend and they both got back to her place. He want to the bathroom and then she went in. While in there he calls to her “hey did you see what I left you?”

She said, “I’m not looking in there, you’re gross”.

She then opened the door to asked him what the hell?

He then said “you ruined the surprise, I taped your engagement ring to the underside of the seat cover”.

(Sad, but) true story.