50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

These chilling facts about serial killers can be found on Ask Reddit.

17. Ed Kemper read the audiobooks for some pretty well-known books!

18. Ted Bundy declined his last meal.

19. Andrei Chikatilo was caught but was later released because his blood type didn’t match the one found at the crime scenes. Turns out he has a one in a million genetic condition in which his blood type, taken from a blood sample, is different from the type found in his semen.

20. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, has been eligible for parole since 2002. He’s consistently either asked to not be released from prison or just skipped his parole hearings all together.

When asked how he’s changed in 2016, he responded by saying that “I am no risk, whatsoever.” He’s also been called a model prisoner by prison staff and has even graduated with honors from Sullivan Community College.

He’s also counseled fellow prisoners and even changed his nickname to the “Son of Hope” after converting to evangelical Christianity in 1987.

Probably one of the most interesting cases around a serial killer imo.

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