50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

These chilling facts about serial killers can be found on Ask Reddit.

37. Dennis Raider the BTK Killer, once put a victim’s children in the bathroom with toys while he tied up their mother and killed her.

Shortly after getting inside the house, Rader locked (Shirley Vian) Relford’s three children – ages five, four, and eight – in the bathroom with blankets and toys, and he tied the 26-year-old mother to the bed in a complicated bondage position.

Rader killed the young woman by putting a plastic bag over her head and a tying a ligature around her neck. Her young children cried and screamed, repeatedly trying to escape from the bathroom to help their mother. By the time one of Relford’s children managed to force the bathroom door open, the 26-year-old was dead and her killer had left the scene.

38. Mark Brandon Read(aka chopper) was a renown killer in Australia. However he only targeted drug dealers and people who made attempts on his life. When he got old he was told he had liver cancer and had only a few weeks to live. He was asked by the television show 60 minutes Australia if he wanted one last interview before he died. He accepted. When asked about all the murderers, which he previously claimed as self defense, not him or he covered them up, he just confessed to all of them, claiming they were never self defense and he had committed the ones he previously denied. Then he passed away a few weeks later. Went out listing everyone he killed. It shocked everyone. I would suggest looking him up, he’s very interesting.

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