50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

50 Facts About Serial Killers That Are Creepy AF

These chilling facts about serial killers can be found on Ask Reddit.

34. Mary Bell. She killed her first victim around age 10 and the second a few months later. She left notes about the killing and visited the mothers of the boys she killed, asking if she could see the body or if they were sad that their sons were dead.

She was released at age 23 after only 12 years and her, her daughter and her grandchild all have been granted anonymity for the rest of their lives.

35. Dr. Harold Shipman. He lost his mother, watching how morphine eased her pain before she passed. Then he became a doctor, using morphine overdoses to kill people – especially rich old ladies, and wrote himself into their wills with forgery. He was eventually caught because it was suspicious that every single one of his patients had him in their will, and that they all died under his care – but he did “inherit” a number of estates and a lot of money before getting caught.

36. Edmund Kemper, also known as the coed killer, committed a series of murders and rapes in California before finally killing his abusive mother, at which point he drove to Arizona, called the police, confessed to everything, and waited for them to pick him up at the payphone. He provided intimate details of the case before he could get representation so there was NO WAY to get out of being found guilty for his crimes.

In court, a lawyer asked him what he felt was a just punishment for what he’d done. He thought about it and replied, “Death by torture.”

To this day, he declines to attend parole hearings, and has repeatedly asserted that people like him do not belong in society.

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