40 Women Admit What They Think Would Be The Worst Thing About Being A Man

40 Women On What They Think Would Be The Worst Thing About Being A Man

These women from Ask Reddit know being a man comes with its downsides.

1. Feeling uncomfortable or shamed for showing your emotions. It’s a sad truth, but since the dawn of time, men have been encouraged to live up to the expectations of having to be tough or being a rock for the family. As a woman, I think we feel more comfortable crying and expressing our sadness. Men get sad too, and it’s about time they feel free to express it as easily as women do.

2. Having to be the person physically in charge in a threatening situation. Like always being with a man when walking home from a party in a sketchy area at night. Yes there is safety in numbers but the dude is expected to be protective regardless of level of awareness, self defensive, or drunken-ness. That’s a lot of pressure.

3. “Oh, you got stuck taking care of the kids today, huh? Giving Mom a day off, finally?” Dads know what I’m talking about. 

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