Creepy Places You Should Never Visit After Dark

33 Creepy Places You Should Never Visit After Dark

You probably don’t want to enter these places mentioned on Ask Reddit at night.

1. Used to do security work for a company that has stores in malls… Being in a mall late at night by yourself is super creepy… The only noise you hear down the way is the kiddy area rides laughing…

2. I used to work for a state medical examiner’s office.

I worked second shift with some occasional overnights and we relatively often had to take trips two either or the satellite offices which were ~1-1.5 hours away from the HQ office in the state capital. One of which was particularly desolate. Set back in the woods, and pretty remote.

Let me tell you, no matter how often you go there, or how comfortable you are doing that type of job, being in a morgue, ALONE, at 0317 in the morning during a ridiculous thunderstorm is SPOOKY.The wind is knocking trees branches against the autopsy room windows. The primary lights are turned off so the office is dimly lit except for the red glow of the exit signs. You pull up to the garage doors and there is one measly light barely illuminating the end of the driveway. No other lights around, surrounded by woods. Lightning occasionally lighting up the area just enough to get a glimpse of your surroundings before it goes dark again. You can’t tell whether or not the wind is blowing the trees or there is a coyote or something out there. All while you’re trying to keep your shit in your ass while struggling to get a 320lb cadaver out of the back of your truck without the stretcher falling over. Not to mention it’s the summer so the fog gets pretty thick with the cold rain on the warm ground.