Creepy Disappearance Cases That Will Give You Chills

30 Creepy Disappearance Cases That Will Give You Chills

Ask Reddit has some horrifying stories for you.

1. A young girl went missing, I think she was around 5 years old. Young enough to still be using training wheels at least. She was last seen riding her bike in her backyard. Where I lived, the media would talk about her every day, any new evidence they found they presented because this happened just a mile or two from where I lived and in the county where my brother worked. It turned out that this girl’s neighbor had been the one to kill her and his wife turned him in. I’ll always applaud this woman for this, you always hear about spouse’s trying to hide their significant other’s crimes. My brother, who is great at getting inside people’s head, told me that he made it seem like he was relating to the guy, which he said he was repulsed by, but had to do it to get an honest confession.

He said the guy wasted no time at bragging at what he did, smiling the entire time. He said he invited the little girl inside his house, got a trash bag, and used it to suffocate her. He described every detail about how long it took, how tight her held the bag, and how “thrilling” it was to be in control of someone’s else life. But the most messed up part? He admitted that he rode with the father, helping this terrified man search for his missing baby girl. The idea that that poor man was sitting right next to her daughter’s killer the entire time, bawling his eyes out to the man responsible for his pain … It’s chilling. When the father found out, he begged my brother to let him alone in the room with the guy just for a few minutes. My brother, being an over-protective father himself, was seriously considering letting this guy have some “alone time” so to speak. But, another officer, who also felt bad for the father, told him they couldn’t do that because they didn’t want the father killing this man and risk landing in prison himself.

I believe they found the little girl and, if I’m remembering this story correctly, they found her in the same trash bag the man used to suffocate her.

2. In the town I grew up in (UK) a woman in her 30’s, her 3 kids, and their car all went missing. Her husband was known for being a bit of a ‘lad’ and the immediate presumption was she’d had enough and left him, but her parents hadn’t heard from her, her bank account wasnt used etc but it was nearly a week before anybody seemed to get really worried about it. She’d picked the kids up from school and then never went home even though it was only a 10 minute journey. Eventually one of the 10 year old son’s friends mentioned that he was planning on trying to get his mum to go and get them a Mcflurry. The nearest McDonalds was a town away, they eventually realised that instead of going straight home, she’d agreed to drive to the McDonald’s and gone the back way, part of which is along what we call the Forty Foot, basically a massive dyke. Found them all still strapped into the car at the bottom.

Husband was engaged again and his fiancee pregnant within a year. 

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