27 Healthcare Workers On The Most Haunting ‘Last Words’ They’ve Heard On The Job


A teenage girl who was having an asthma attack while she was at someone’s house she wasn’t supposed to be at: “my mom’s gonna kill me” :-( She died at the hospital.


I’m an emergency nurse, and there’s one thing that always gets me when patients die. Not what they say, but what their husband/wife/parents say when they’ve gone. I’ve had it a few times but the most memorable was a man in his 70s whose wife had just passed away, and he was holding her hand and crying, and he just looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve loved her for 55 years, she’s my whole life. What do I do without her?’ It breaks me every time.


Had a patient in her 30’s who was dying after being hit by a drunk driver. Her husband was at the bedside repeating “What do I do? What do I do?” while crying. They had already lost their baby girl in the accident. Every healthcare worker who entered that room was deeply affected by that. It was awful.


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