23 Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually Pretty Convincing

Marilyn Monroe was murdered

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. (Wikimedia Commons)

Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the US government. She frequently attempted suicide and then called someone via her landline next to her bed to come save her. When she died, no traces of it were found within her stomach and her colon had been extremely cleaned. A theory is that she was murdered via enema poisoning.

The Dairy Queen conspiracy

Use to live in a small town in South Dakota and I am convinced there is something in the food/water there to keep people there. Im partially convinced it’s actually the Dairy Queen causing this, because for a town of 7000, this place is always sooo busy and somehow, every year for the past 11 years(the entire length of this competition), sells the most blizzards on ‘Miracle Treat Day’… A town of 7000 out sells every other Dairy Queen?!?

There’s also some other things in that the town has a significant amount of people all with very similar disabilities to their left legs. I honestly am just glad I’m out of that town before it sucked me in, but how the hell does that small ass town sell 40,000 blizzards in a day?!?

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