You're Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

You’re Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

These apps suggested on Ask Reddit are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

15. Forest! It’s a game that lets you plant a little tree or bush for 5-120 minutes and doesn’t let you click out of the app until the timer is over. This let’s you be more productive while not having the temptation of your phone. If you do exit out of the app, it kills all the trees you have planted and leaves behind a shriveled bush

16. Daylio. It’s a free, simple daily mood tracking app. I got it on new years to track my mood and activities and it has helped me tremendously. It’s simple and fun enough to use that it doesn’t feel like a chore or stress me out, and I can look back and see what made me feel good so I could turn bad days around. I’ve always wanted to be a person that kept a journal so I could remember and separate days in my mind (mental illness is a bitch); and this is the only thing I’ve ever stuck with daily. Today I’m on a 142 day streak!

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