You're Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

You’re Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

These apps suggested on Ask Reddit are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

48. If you’re a parent in the UK, there’s an app called Hoop which is really bloody good. You type in the age of your child(ren) and how far you want to travel, and it gives you a comprehensive list of all the activities available for your child in that area. Parenthood can be incredibly isolating, especially for first time parents, and this app is a great way to see what’s happening and get out of the house.

49. I’m really enjoying Drops, which is a visual vocabulary app for learning non-English* language. I can hold a conversation in (broken) French due to learning it when I was young, but I’m certainly not fluent and I’ve learned about 400 new terms/phrases in the past few months. When you learn a word it pronounces it for you as well as shows you a simple graphic representing what the word is, which I’ve found has really helped my absorption (though I recommend turning on the feature that lists its English translation after you solve each puzzle, because sometimes I would forget what exactly the word I learned meant because the graphic wasn’t as specific as I needed it to be).

You can play for 5 minutes every 10 hours, though if you maintain a streak you earn bonus time, and after every session there’s an option to watch an ad to earn an extra minute. You can pay to get unlimited access but I actually really like having short sessions twice a day, because I’m definitely the type to want to learn as much as possible as fast as possible, and then burn out on it because I didn’t pace myself.

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