You're Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

You’re Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone

These apps suggested on Ask Reddit are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

25. Google’s Arts and Culture, it’s also a website.

Basically Google unbeknownst to most people teamed up with art galleries and museums worldwide to take extremely high def pictures of thousands of pieces. There are paintings, sculptures, posters, historical artifacts, photographs, etc.You can explore if by movement, historical events, specific colour, artist, whatever. There are ever changing curated online exhibits, virtual tours of museums, extensive articles. They’re also working on lots of fun experimental toys, trying to play with where art and technology mix.

A must for any artist or history fan.

26. Idagio. The best app for listening to classical music ever. It lets you search by composer, performer or name, and it has recommendations.

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