What's It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

What’s It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

These people from Ask Reddit were lucky enough to win a date with a celebrity!

9. My mom won Everclear tickets that landed on my sisters 18nth Birthday. Everclear used to be a pretty famous band from Portland OR, local for us. they didn’t realize that it was backstage passes, they thought it was just like an after party. And they wouldn’t see the band. Cue them crowded around the free food. When my sister sees the band walk in. Everyone was super nice, and my mom hit it off with the guitarist. She had her walker with her. Apparently they both have chronic illnesses, and she got his actual Facebook page. they still talk every now and again.

10. I had a meet and greet with Palaye Royale. They were funny, sweet, and chill.

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