What's It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

What’s It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

These people from Ask Reddit were lucky enough to win a date with a celebrity!

3. I won a Skype call with Bella Thorne by donating about $1,000 to a charity. I wanted to donate the call to my local school, because I lived in a very poverty-stricken area and knew the kids would love it. Most of the kids had never even seen a stop light or been to McDonalds, so the concept of talking with a celebrity was a dream come true. The school had about 40 high schoolers in the entire school. The school was basically just going to let a few of the kids ask her questions that all of the kids collectively chose. She (or her agent or whatever) refused. So I refused to accept the call. The agent said they MAY be able to work something out. I passed along contact information to the school in case she changed her mind, but the kids I talked to said they never got to Skype her; so I guess the call didn’t happen. The money still went to charity. Still disappointed with Bella Thorne.

4. Went to school with the president of the Dolly Parton Fan Club and bought a raffle ticket from her for “Dinner with Dolly” at Pigeon Forge Tenn. I won and got to meet her and she is honestly the most kind, easy going, fun person to be around ever. Like having dinner with a really close aunt. Really frank about her boobs and plastic surgery and anything else that popped into her head. She is also really, REALLY tiny in person. Like 5’ even. She loves to talk about her home and upbringing. (She bought the theme park that is now Dollywood to save the town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to preserve it and keep it from getting absorbed by Gatlinburg.) Dinner lasted for like 4 hours but it felt like minutes.