What's It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

What’s It Really Like To Win A Date With A Celebrity Contest? 

These people from Ask Reddit were lucky enough to win a date with a celebrity!

19. My mom won a lunch for four with Delilah Renee, who is a radio DJ syndicated all over the U.S. but based in Seattle. Her show is very heartfelt, romantic, and positive with many feel-good stories and tales of love. She is a gorgeous and tall, Junoesque blonde, and we didn’t know what to expect–would she make us hold hands and sing Kum-bay-ah? Would we have to tell our marriage stories or about the best day of our lives?

That is not how it went. She cursed like a sailor and had a wicked sense of humor. She was honest about her several failed marriages, and she had her latest boyfriend with her who was just as funny as she was. She has adopted many children from around the world and lives on a farm across the Puget Sound. It was most enjoyable and surprising, plus the lunch was a brunch buffet at Salty’s, a popular local restaurant, and the food was amazing!

Our favorite story she told was how over the years, when she has been going through divorces or other heartache, she has been taking calls from listeners who are gushing about their charmed love stories. She has to put them on mute or hold sometimes to sob her eyes out, swear a bracing stream of obscenities, then get back to the caller, all serene and encouraging. Great lady!