30 Celebrity Rumors

Time To Spill The Tea: 30 Celebrity Rumors That Might Actually Be True

These celebrity rumors from Ask Reddit might not be true, but a lot of people believe them.

18. That Kim K/Ray J sex tape was deliberately leaked by her publicist.

19. John Travolta is a closet homosexual who hangs out a gyms late at night hoping to get laid by a young fit guy.

20. Britney Spears’s famous “meltdown” where she shaved her head was a planned move.

She was going through a rough divorce and was entering a fight for custody. There’s a very good chance she had some drugs in her system, but was going sober. Regardless, long locks of hair hold the records of drug use for some time. It was a calculated risk that she could have a “meltdown” from all the touring, shave her head because of the “stress” and remove any evidence that might have cost her her kids in the long term.

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