The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

These hilarious stories from Ask Reddit are going to have you chuckling at your phone.

21. The anesthesiologist that came in to check me over had bright blue teeth and lips. Keep in mind I was high as fuck. I asked him how Smurfette was last night. I passed out hearing the nurses laughing.

22. Right after giving midazolam I had a patient say, “WOW, this feels like the 70’s!”

23. I was about to be put under for a colonoscopy while the nurse was trying to position me in a way to make it easiest for them to work. I had my knees to my chest and was passing out from the gas when I asked the nurse to paint me like one of her French girls, then passed out. Still makes me cringe.

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