The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

These hilarious stories from Ask Reddit are going to have you chuckling at your phone.

13. When I went in for my gallbladder surgery the nurse was an old coworker and I blurted out on the table: “I knew you’d see me naked” before I was out.

14. I broke my hand tumbling once and had to get surgery. He goes to put the mask on my face and says, “This is oxygen.” I cough as the mask goes on. He pulls the mask away and I said, “I trusted you. You lying fuck.” That’s the last thing I remember.

15. When I was about to go out for surgery they were strapping me down, and told me it was so that I don’t fall off the table. My last words were, it’s ok, 5 second rule.

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