The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

The 60 Most HILARIOUS Things Patients Have Said While Under Anesthesia

These hilarious stories from Ask Reddit are going to have you chuckling at your phone.

52. My dad’s an anesthesiologist. He was treating a woman, and he said, “I’m putting you to sleep now.” She replied with the most horrified look on her face, “Like a dog?!”

53. I was coming out after my wisdom teeth surgery last year (aged 21) and the surgeon popped his head in and said, “Hello little one you’re awake” and I said, “I’m not little I’m 5’11 but thank you.” Apparently it was funny.

54. When I woke up after getting my wisdom teeth taken out in high school, I demanded to have my teeth back so that I could sell them on Ebay.

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