Introverts, Here Are 39 Jobs That Don't Involve Too Much Social Interaction

Introverts, Here Are 40 Jobs That Don’t Involve Too Much Social Interaction

If you’re an introvert, here are some job suggestions from Ask Reddit.

1. I used to work at a cactus nursery and it was an introvert dream. Hell any plant nursery work is awesome and anyone can do it. You just pop in headphones and hang out with plants all day. It’s super easy, and you get in awesome shape because you’re on your feet all day lifting and moving plants.

2. I have a friend (who is a deep deep introvert) that works in classifications – in that she has to watch a bunch of television and tick of lists to figure out what classification they should have (G, PG etc).

She gets to watch most popular shows at least two weeks in advance and does it in the remotest part of the building by herself.

She also has to sit through a lot of European ‘art’ movies and gore flicks (which meshes well with her interest in serial killers).

3. Night stocking for a retail store. 95% of the night is just listening to music while stocking by yourself. 

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