Introverts, Here Are 39 Jobs That Don't Involve Too Much Social Interaction

Introverts, Here Are 40 Jobs That Don’t Involve Too Much Social Interaction

If you’re an introvert, here are some job suggestions from Ask Reddit.

4. Just about any job working with animals. I’m a kennel attendant for the humane society in my area. Listen to music for 9 hours. Clean kennels and cages. Feed/water the dogs and cats. No human interaction.

5. Fire tower watcher for the National Park Service. Months of just you and your lonesome and a bunch of trees.

6. Amazon shopper at Whole Foods! $15/hr to do someone’s grocery shopping.

7. Tree planter. 8-10 hours alone in the middle of the bush. Incredible pay if you’re a hard worker and it keeps you in amazing shape.

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