Introverts, Here Are 39 Jobs That Don't Involve Too Much Social Interaction

Introverts, Here Are 40 Jobs That Don’t Involve Too Much Social Interaction

If you’re an introvert, here are some job suggestions from Ask Reddit.

30. In the US, medical coder. Lots of opportunities. Decent if not incredible pay. You can get certified within a year of training. After a couple of years experience, a decent coder can often work from home. Some interaction is required, but twice the pay of many jobs listed here.

31. Night security.

32. Trucking, 100%. Good pay floor between 40 and 50k a year at the start and a great pay ceiling upwards of 100k depending on what you do. Automation is decades away from being a major factor. If you’re cool being on your own it’s one of the best careers that doesn’t need any secondary education. Good way to see the country as well.

You need to be over 21 to work in trucking interstate, if you’re under look into local companies that don’t cross state lines to get experience.

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