55 Harsh Truths You Have To Accept, No Matter How Awful They Seem

Here are a few harsh truths about the real world brought to you from Ask Reddit. 

1. No matter how much anyone likes you or loves you, they have their own life to live and you have your own life to live. No one else is really going to help you or fix things for you. You are on your own and always will be.

2. “Being yourself” often isn’t enough. There is no inherent merit to authenticity (which is sometimes merely a euphemism for “stubbornness”). Sometimes you need to kill off parts of yourself so that something stronger and better can replace them.

3. Just because you’ve invested a lot of time, money, effort, emotion into something or someone, doesn’t mean that you should continue investing in them hoping that things will change. Sometimes its better to cut your losses and accept that while you may have wasted time and energy on something, that it’s better to stop hemorrhaging resources when it’s clear that you aren’t getting the outcome you want. It’s still better to have wasted two years on something that didn’t work out than wasting ten years on it because you figure you’ve invested too much to quit.

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