55 Harsh Truths You Have To Accept, No Matter How Awful They Seem

Here are a few harsh truths about the real world brought to you from Ask Reddit. 

13. You can’t help anyone that isn’t helping themselves. There’s nothing you can do for them unless they help themselves too. Nothing.

14. Sometimes there’s no right choice, sometimes the outcome will be bad no matter what you choose to do, but you still have to choose.

15. At the end of the day, I’m responsible for what happens in my life. Sometimes people do shitty things, that are unwarranted and out of my control, but I get to choose how I react to it and how it impacts my mental health. If I want to be free, its on me and no one else. Someone fucks me over, I shouldn’t have trusted them. I got fired from my job, I should have been a better employee. Oh, that boss was a dick? Well,he didn’t show up with a gun and force me to work for him.

Basically, the world exists. Businesses, governments and the people that make them up exist regardless of me. I am responsible for navigating that to the best of my ability.

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