50 Pieces Of Advice That Sound Like Total Lies That Are Actually Pretty Useful

These cliche pieces of advice from Ask Reddit are more helpful than they sound.

15. Pull up your socks. Literally. When you’re feeling flagged and weary and still have two hours left before you can go home, sit down, take off your shoes, and literally pull your socks up.

I belittled this forever until I tried it. It’s actually a nice little pick-me-up

16. On my wedding day my Grandmother said to me, “Never do anything around the house that you don’t plan on doing for life.” At the time I thought it was a terrible advice. When I was mowing the lawn at 7 1/2 months pregnant I got what she meant.

17. Giving small compliments to people right when you think it makes both them and you happy. Think that girls skirt is cute? Tell her!

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