50 Brilliant 'Child Hacks' For Babysitters, Parents, Teachers, And Nurses 

50 Brilliant ‘Child Hacks’ For Babysitters, Parents, Teachers, And Nurses 

Listen up, because Ask Reddit has some hacks for anyone who spends time around little kids.

12. Put clear packaging tape over the speaker holes of toys that make noise/play songs – it lets the toy operate with a fraction of its actual volume.

13. Put sunscreen on at home, before you get to the beach/pool/park. They know we’re not going anywhere till it’s on. Saves me from the scramble at the destination because they’re always too excited to hold still and I’m in a rush, so it’s not a thorough job. Sunscreen takes 20 minutes to kick in anyway.

14. Have a baby who turns away as you’re about to wipe their face?

“Wipe” your own face first. The nonverbal communication allows the baby to understand what’s happening. Might not work at first, but keep at it. The child will start to let you wipe.

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