50 Brilliant 'Child Hacks' For Babysitters, Parents, Teachers, And Nurses 

50 Brilliant ‘Child Hacks’ For Babysitters, Parents, Teachers, And Nurses 

Listen up, because Ask Reddit has some hacks for anyone who spends time around little kids.

40. Best advice we ever got from our doctor – babies don’t have a good circadian rhythm and rely on us to set one for them. Pick a time that you’re going to go to quiet time – basically turn out lights, TV off and/or volume down, do quiet activities, sit still, etc. We did this with our first child and it became the center of our evening routine. Now my son is 3 and knows that when the clock says “7-0-0” it means “settle down time” and helps to turn the lights out. A routine is key — our kids do great transitioning from one setting to another like home and school, on vacation, etc.

I mean, they’re little a-hole toddlers a lot of the time, but that’s expected with toddlers.

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