50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

These boys on Ask Reddit are either hopeless romantics or fools in love.

15. After I met my college crush, and got to know her better, every single day after the classes after finished, I used to roam through the entire college just to find her, and I didn’t want to call her so I don’t look like a creepy guy, now I back and realize how stupid I was.

16. Drove to Denver from Vegas to see a girl I was in long distance relationship only to get stood up and also receive texts from an unknown number (that turned out to he her boyfriend) telling me I’m ugly pathetic POS and I was an idiot for thinking she’d want to see me.

17. Converted to Mormon. Long term, long distance relationship. She dumped me shortly thereafter. I dumped Mormonism shortly thereafter.

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