50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

These boys on Ask Reddit are either hopeless romantics or fools in love.

12. Cute girl challenged me to race across a body of water. I barely know how to swim and almost drowned. 2 years later, same thing, different girl.

13. Spent $7500 on a car for her. It was a VW Golf she had always talked about wanting to buy. She wrecked it less than a month later on her way to one of her other boyfriend’s house… Karma is a pain.

14. I tried impressing a girl with fire. Ended up being rushed to the hospital with burns all over my hands and arms. I got a pity hug a couple of days later by her. No regrets.


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