50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

These boys on Ask Reddit are either hopeless romantics or fools in love.

10. Agreed to move into an apartment with her that was 40 miles away from my workplace (it was very close to her workplace). I spent 2-3 hours round trip in the car every day for over 2 years. I didn’t regret it at the time, but now I have a much shorter commute and realize how exhausted I was by the terrible commute.

11. Paid for a girlfriend to go on holiday with me to see my father in Singapore. I used all my savings from the shitty weekend job. She was my supervisor but apparently didn’t have any money.

Turns out she had over 4K in the bank but she just wanted me to pay for it all. She cheated on me with the guy she said she hated and I walked in on them fucking 2 months later.

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