50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

50 Boys On The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done For A Pretty Girl 

These boys on Ask Reddit are either hopeless romantics or fools in love.

26. In High school, I made 100 paper cranes and put them in a box as a gift for a girl I liked. I tried to ask her on a date while explaining the box and its contents.

She took the box, smiled and said thanks, but we never went on a date.

27. I was lead on and friend zone by a girl not too long ago. She made it seemed like she was interested in me but in reality she only wanted emotional comfort. The stupid thing is that I’d cancel a lot of my plans just to be with this girl. Only for her to bail on me and sleep with other people. Now she’s pregnant and engaged to some dude she met a few months ago.

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