44 Shitty Pieces Of Advice You Should NEVER Follow

44 Crummy Pieces Of Advice You Should NEVER Follow

Ask Reddit is here to remind you to stop following these horrible pieces of advice.

9. ”Take a girl to a movie. It’s your first date? Even better. Go see a movie”

Never fucking do this. Never. I would rather play chess, than take a girl to see a movie on our first date.

10. “It’s better to whole ass one thing than to half-ass two things.”

One of the lessons I’m trying to teach myself is the value of half a job done. I don’t do things that NEED to be done because I was always taught you damn well do it right the first time – if you sweep the floor it better be completely and totally spotless when you’re done, for example. So if I don’t have the energy to get into every nook and cranny, I don’t sweep. And then my floor gets way grosser than if I’d just done it and done a crappy job.

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