35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

You might want to send these facts from Ask Reddit to your parents and grandparents.

11. The average millennial is 30 years old, not a teenybopper or college kid.

12. That most of us have actually done customer service jobs our whole life…and when people talk about how millennials and the younger generations are all about instant gratification. Each and every one of us has vivid memories of old fucking dirt bags throwing goddamn tantrums because they didn’t get their way right that very moment.

Old people have absolutely no patience for anything. Younger people typically have more manners.

13. “Back in my day we used too… ” Sadly we are not back in your day we are in the future, stuff changes. Please realize that.

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