35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

You might want to send these facts from Ask Reddit to your parents and grandparents.

 3. Every time you bash millennials for taking participation ribbons remember who came up with that stupid idea. Here is a clue: it wasn’t us.

4. We don’t get online just to chat or play mindless games. We like to read and learn. We just know how to make it fun.

5. I think we are the only gen to have grown up in both the pre-internet and internet era.

I remember growing up with VCRs and Walkman’s. I remember dial-up internet when the internet was still a gimmick and not all that interesting. I remember growing up in a state of constant change. Both socially, politically and technologically.

I think this state of constant change and constant adaptation is why we do so well with technology, when our parents, just one gen earlier, grew up with a mostly analogue world, and that’s why it’s so hard for them to change with the world.

For better or worse, we have been given a unique way of growing up, and we are the only generation to have grown up in both ‘eras’ of history.

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