35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

You might want to send these facts from Ask Reddit to your parents and grandparents.

24. When people who grew into adulthood in the 2000s and 2010s ignore your economic/career advice, it’s not because we’re snotty or ungrateful or don’t value your opinion. It’s because the economy is so different that advice which may have been good in the 50s-80s is not likely to still be good.

25. That you can take on over 100k in debt (because your parents’ income decided you got basically nothing for student expense assistance, even though there’s no guarantee your parents will pay for anything), and go on to get a PhD… And still only make national median income. Yep, doctor median, that’s surely what I signed up for.

(Drowning in debt, please send help.)

Whoever the old fucks are who decided to get rich off of the education of future generations can burn in hell for eternity.

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