35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

35 Things Millennials Wish The Older Generation Would Realize 

You might want to send these facts from Ask Reddit to your parents and grandparents.

1. That jobs aren’t as stable as they used to be. We’re making WAY less money than before, it’s exponentially harder to find a job, and the expectations for the average applicant keeps rising.

We’re now asked to constantly be on call to come back into work. Remember that day off you looked forward to all week? Nope, boss called you in. You don’t show up to said call-in because you aren’t going to work unless it’s overtime pay? You’re fired. Need to find another shitty job for shitty pay. Set schedules are never a thing anymore (at least in my experience. Even at my research internship I would constantly get called in on weekends when it was stated before that I wouldn’t work weekends).

We’re expected to be the most efficient, mindless, obedient generation of citizens and workers. It sometimes seems like we’re never doing anything because we’re just so goddamn exhausted that even doing daily tasks is a struggle. We’re asked to constantly be working efficiently even away from work.

Rest isn’t a thing anymore. Our generation is getting burnt out and sick of the issues that order generations dumped on us, yet we’re blamed as the ones who caused the problems.

2. Millennials are not one homogenous group.

Some are successful, some are struggling.

Some are urban, some are rural.

Some have college education, some do not.

Some live with their parents, some live alone.

Some have marriage and kids, some are single.

Generalizing an entire generation makes it an “us vs them” argument, that you assume everyone is on one side or the other. Don’t fall for this bullshit.

If someone is an entitled little shit, it’s not because they’re a millennial, it’s because they’re an entitled little shit. I’ve met 20 year olds that are ELSes, and I’ve met 60 year olds that are ELSes. It’s not a generational thing.

Stop projecting societal frustrations on people who happened to be born in a different year than you, and realize that if you accept and address the real issues of societal change, we’re all better off.