33 Yellow Flags That Aren't Actually Dealbreakers--But Mean You Should Be Very, Very Careful

33 Yellow Flags That Aren’t Actually Dealbreakers — But Mean You Should Be Very Careful

If you notice any of these yellow flags from Ask Reddit, be careful.

10. Doubting my interests. Just because I like something that I don’t look like I would like doesn’t mean you need to quiz me on it. Or tell me there’s no way I could like whatever it is.

11. That they’re unemployed and not trying too hard to get back into the field.

12. If you know their family and they suck. It’s not an immediate deal breaker because hey, most of us have shitty relatives and it’s not our fault but that yellow flag turns red really quickly if they continue to interact with and defend those shitty family members. Just proceed with caution until you know where they stand.

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