33 Yellow Flags That Aren't Actually Dealbreakers--But Mean You Should Be Very, Very Careful

33 Yellow Flags That Aren’t Actually Dealbreakers — But Mean You Should Be Very Careful

If you notice any of these yellow flags from Ask Reddit, be careful.

7. Something I’ve become a lot more conscious of on dates with men specifically is the give and take of the conversation. A lot of them are happy to answer questions and talk about themselves, but don’t ask questions in return. I started noticing it a few years ago and now I sort of use it as an indicator of how much they actually want to get to know me versus how much they just want to talk.

On a similar note, guys who want to hang out pre and/or post sex and feel the need to show me their favorite tv show/YouTube videos. I’m fine with having them share their interests with me! But rarely do they ask what my favorite tv shows/videos are or show interest in watching mine. Again, they kind of just want to show their interests and don’t care about the opinions of the person they’re with.

Both are kind of yellow flags — some guys only do it the first few dates, some do it consistently, but it’s something that I definitely pay attention to early on.


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