33 Yellow Flags That Aren't Actually Dealbreakers--But Mean You Should Be Very, Very Careful

33 Yellow Flags That Aren’t Actually Dealbreakers — But Mean You Should Be Very Careful

If you notice any of these yellow flags from Ask Reddit, be careful.

1. Too much clinginess too early. Maybe they’re just eager, but maybe they have serious emotional issues going on. Most commonly they aren’t over their ex who recently dumped them and want an immediate replacement instead of putting work into self reflection.

2. Trash talking their exes. Not a dealbreaker, but definitely makes you pause and wonder about the whole ‘two sides to every story’.

3. If they lie about very insignificant things that it was not necessary to lie about in the first place. I get a white lie every once in a while, but if there’s just lots of lies and made up stories that are completely unnecessary it’ll be impossible for me to trust literally everything this person says. It’s a “yellow flag” in the beginning but if I confront them about it and it’s still an issue then it’s a red flag and I’m gone quicker than you can say “Are you calling me a liar?!?!” 

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