33 Tips For Night Owls Who Want To Wake Up Earlier

33 Tips For Night Owls Who Want To Wake Up Earlier

If you’re sick of sleeping until noon, here are some tips from Ask Reddit on how to wake up earlier.

16. Download Alarmy app. You have to solve math problems to turn it off.

17. If you shower in the morning, multitask. It’s ok to brush your teeth while your showering, and if you need to let conditioner or shampoo to set in your hair like I do for that maximum softness, wash your body while you do.

18. When you get up think of things to be grateful of/ positive thoughts/ people you are looking forward to seeing/opportunities that day. On a related note, I remember reading a Buddhist monk who suggested saying good morning inwardly to yourself in a genuine and sincere way. Sort of honoring your true self.

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