33 Tips For Night Owls Who Want To Wake Up Earlier

33 Tips For Night Owls Who Want To Wake Up Earlier

If you’re sick of sleeping until noon, here are some tips from Ask Reddit on how to wake up earlier.

11. Here’s the #1 trick, though. I set two alarms, one for when I want to get up, and one for 40 minutes earlier. That means that the first time the alarm rings, I can turn it off 100% guilt free, and get a nice, round 40 minutes of extra sleep in there before I have to even budge. Works perfect for me, whether I’m running on a 7 or 3 hours of sleep. One alarm, I’ll Snooze it for ages. Two alarms and I’m ready to go.

12. What we eat apparently has a lot to do with sleep schedule. I consume the vast majority of my calories in the evening about 3 hours before bed, typically without breakfast and only a small amount for lunch.

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