30 Things Your Friends Struggling With Mental Health Want You To Know

Ask Reddit wants you to know a few things about mental health.

17. As someone who struggles with PTSD, I would like to say that I don’t choose to be as repetitive and exhausting as I can be. I will react the same way to the same situation because that is an association that has been with me for half my life. It’s very difficult to keep opening up to friends without feeling like a burden because you cannot cope with the same thing as last week. They have heard me talk about it so often and given me several pieces of advice on it and I hate feeling like this broken record, but to me that is a core part of this disorder.

18. People are coping the best way they can based on their experience. For example, someone who yells and turns people away can just be trying to comfort themselves based on past experience of letting someone in and being hurt by it.

Treatment is about learning new coping skills that will give people comfort that also gives them other things they need in their life (relationships, stability, etc.)

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