30 Things Your Friends Struggling With Mental Health Want You To Know

Ask Reddit wants you to know a few things about mental health.

15. I am not my mental illness. Do not see me as, “That depressed kid,” see me for who I am. There is so much more to a person than their mental state.

And mental illness can affect anyone. Age, race and gender have nothing to do with it (except for gender dysphoria). A four year old can experience PTSD and so can a thirty year old. It’s all about environment.

16. Don’t stray away from a person if they confessed their struggles to you. They’re probably in a very difficult situation and trust you enough to tell you about it. You should get informed about their mental illness and try to fix it with them. Or just be supportive at least or get someone who can help more than you involved but I just beg you don’t under any circumstances stray away from them.

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