30 Things Your Friends Struggling With Mental Health Want You To Know

Ask Reddit wants you to know a few things about mental health.

21. If you wish to understand someone with a mental health condition please educate yourself and research the condition. I have a lot of people who claim to know and try to give advice.

Once you’ve worked with professionals the average persons advice can become awkward and patronizing at times.

Learn before you weigh in. It’s a very sensitive subject and would go some way to lessening the stigma if more people educated themselves.

22. Mental illness can happen to anyone, literally. It’s as common as physical illnesses like the common cold. Part of removing the stigma is to talk more openly about it, to stop the whole “hush-hush, behind closed doors” thing. Anxiety and depression are among the most common, and lately I’ve seen a rise in eating disorders (looking at you, influencers who promote body dysmorphia with plastic surgery they claim is achievable with diet and exercise, and especially influencers who push intense diets and weight loss products. You are literally causing damage to people with your pursuit of fame and money).

Bipolar, schizophrenia and personality disorders are treatable. They’re not something to fear. Important to note too, that personality disorders can be incredibly mild, and don’t necessarily need treatment unless it impacts your life negatively.

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