30 Things Your Friends Struggling With Mental Health Want You To Know

Ask Reddit wants you to know a few things about mental health.

1. Stop assuming everyone who skips school or doesn’t come to work is just lazy or doesn’t give a shit. Some of us people with depression have a hard time even getting out of bed and you making nasty comments about us being “lazy” only makes it worse.

2. I know I overreact. I know I’m too sensitive. I know I make things difficult. I know all of these things make you uncomfortable and inconvenience you but maybe just take a second to think about how much they impact me.

3. We know we are acting irrational, but its not something we could help. Especially if its something like ptsd or anxiety. Somedays are just harder than others, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. Just being their for us is enough and we appreciate it so much. 

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